You’re Right Where You’re Meant To Be

Remember that one time that we postponed our much anticipated trip, due to weather?
And then felt really silly about it?
But were then reassured in a multitude of ways that everything happens for a reason?

Yea, that was this week summed up in a couple of sentences.

You're Right Where You're Meant To Be | Motivational Monday | Motivation + Inspiration via @elanaloo +

If you saw my Instagram post earlier this week, you got a dose of what happened. After we called off our trip – flustered, confused, annoyed – we headed back to the house to dive into some serious work. Because, if we weren’t headed off for an amazing vacation as planned, you damn well better believe we were going to get some work done! As we sat down, started mapping out our week + creating a to-do list, the sun came out. Yes, THE SUN. You’ve got to be kidding me. The thing that had been hiding behind some god-awful looking black, bushy, pouring rain clouds just an hour before… It came out.
And left me feeling like ‘why didn’t we just suck it up and go?’

Fast forward to that evening –
We checked a few weather cams from the resort we were going to be staying at + reviewing.
Sure enough: BLACK, DISMAL, RAINY.
This brought me comfort. We wanted to experience all Kauai has to offer + if the weather is not so cooperative, we’re not able to do so.

We left our bags packed, cameras charged + simply moved our trip back a few days after the tropical storm will be long gone (hopefully).

The next morning around 7am I receive a call from my very panicked mother in tears, telling me she had severe chest pains. I rushed out of the house so fast, in my pajamas, unbrushed teeth and all. We were in the ER until late afternoon. She is okay now, they say it was stress related and not a heart attack. This didn’t make it any less scary in the moment. I’m so glad she’s alright + I’m so glad we were here. This showed me: we weren’t meant to go to Kaua’i when we had scheduled.

The main takeaway for me (besides hold your loved ones close, manage stress, take care of yourself)?
Everything happens for a reason.
Sure, we may not see the ripples right away, but I find comfort in trusting that things will play out the way their meant to play out.
Trust your gut, lean into something when it feels right. We have to learn to listen to our inner voice to know what’s right for you and actually honor that.

The best laid plans often go awry. Sometimes things shift and change. Sometimes you have a set back, or a shitty day, or you fall behind. Sometimes the universe gives you something you weren’t ready for. Sometimes the outcome doesn’t look the way you planned. Sometimes it doesn’t all go the way you thought it would, yet somehow it always works out as it should.

So today, wherever you are + whatever you’re in the middle of — take a moment to pause and reflect.
Don’t focus on the should-have’s + the could’ve beens. Focus on what is, and what will be.
Remember everything has a way of working out. I genuinely believe that you’re right where you were meant to be.

Author: elanaloo

  • I love this! It’s such a great way of being able to take a step back and realize all the good that is around you and be able to be so thankful for what you have. :)

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