Common Law + Progress on the House

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This week we celebrated SEVEN YEARS of being together. What a milestone! 

As the Monday of this week approached, I kept telling Aaron that he’d be gaining a wife + that we were now ‘common law’! Poor guy, I’m always teasing him. For the last year, as the seven year mark was coming up, I joked with friends that they shouldn’t bring up the ‘common law’ talk because Aaron would move out for a few months to avoid this marriage loophole. HA!

Many people who run across my blog, our business or our social media pages assume we’re married. Fun fact: we’re not! Although it might be in the cards for the future, we really love the path our journey has taken so far and love the stride of life that we’re in. These have been seven incredible years. Aaron said it best: we have experienced the lowest of lows + highest of highs. It’s been a wild, beautiful ride and I smile BIG thinking back on all of our memories. Our story started in Utah, traveled to Maine, made a lot of stops in between + then eventually led us to Hawaii. Our love is deeper than destinations, it’s the hurdles we’ve leaped over together, the partnership we’ve built and the insane moments we can look back and laugh at. From camping, to nights out, to hiking, sleeping in airports and a whole lot more – I am so thankful to have this man as my partner in life and love.

This year, we got WILD and celebrated by installing cabinets, sanding wood in preparation to make shelves + talking life over a couple of beers at the local pub. I know, I said *wild* right? ;) It looked very different than most of our anniversaries do but it felt good. We’ve been busting our asses on this renovation and this entire process has been such a bond in our relationship. We work great as a team and this is a dream we have had almost the entire time we’ve been together so to celebrate by digging in and working together on this day was awesome.

What a way to celebrate becoming common law! ;)

(Despite this common belief, the seven year rule of common law marriage isn’t true – even if you’ve lived together for seven years, you aren’t common law married)

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I’ve got some big updates:

Ahhh it felt so good to type that out! Believe me, I am screaming it from the rooftops over here in the islands.

Also, WE HAVE A COUCH! Not *as* exciting as the first two but it was really hard finding the style of couch we wanted on island so we’re really happy to have found one we love + that it arrived in one piece. It’s gorgeous and fits the space really well.

For the floors, we went with wood-inspired ceramic tile in this gorgeous driftwood color. We went with grout in ‘Bone’ color which is slightly off white. The tile is durable + great for the humidity here. Plus, I love how they look! I cannot wait to show you the before + afters of this place. Man, are they extreme! 

Up next, we are finishing the pieces of wood for the shelves. We went with sustainable, local jacaranda wood and are leaving the edge on them live. We’re really excited + happy to be doing the work ourselves and finishing this beautiful wood into floating, open shelving. I love getting creative and getting my hands dirty, especially on a project that I’m not familiar with; I find it exhilarating and accomplishing.

After we get those shelves up, put on our cabinet hardware and get our countertops installed on Friday – it’s on to BACKSPLASH! Spoiler alert: we’re taking the backsplash allll the way to the ceiling! *Major heart eyes* It’s going to totally transform the look of our open concept, small space.

Here is some inspo I’ve pinned during our process: Humble Abode – Our Home Inspiration

We are so excited to have found Fireclay Tile during the process of picking our tile. We considered a lot of options and ended up with a beautiful, handmade tile that we are thrilled to share with you in the kitchen reveal!


Until the next update – well wishes + love from paradise. 

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  • Girl, I feel you!! This year we’ll be celebrating 10 years together *unmarried*. I too love the journey of our relationship to get to this point and although it’s not the “norm,” it’s certainly normal for us. Happy 7 year anniversary & here’s to many more to come!

    • Thank you so much, Kristin! We get a lot of pressure from friends and family but are truly happy with our own journey – no matter if it’s out of the norm! Cheers to you guys on 10 years!!!

  • Ha! This one made me smile. I also work with my partner (husband since August, but only after 11 years together). People always joked that we were common law married, but in reality it takes a lot more than just being together with someone for 7 years for that to be true! :) Enjoying exploring your little corner of the net. All the best from Austin, TX..

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