How To LOVE Life, Even When You Sit & Stare At Screens All Day

If you saw my post on Instagram last week, you saw that I straight up hit a wall.
Even when you love what you do with a fiery passion, have awesome clients, are writing about things you love–
Sometimes, you just get tired of this routine: sit & stare at a screens all day, sit & stare at screens all day, repeat (especially if that sometimes means answering emails straight for 72 hours).

After taking the day to decompress and reflect, plus slowing down on work for the rest of the week. . .
I decided to write this post; a list of things to do to stay sane in this digital-preneur era we live in.
I’m sharing in hopes that it will serve as a checklist (keeping me accountable) + also giving some tips that will help you in your life.
(plus, read until the end for a fun giveaway!)

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Whether you position your desk near a window, hang artwork in your office space or make an effort to work outside an hour a day – create a visually stimulating, calming and inspiring environment for yourself. Give yourself something beautiful to rest your eyes on when they’re not on the screen. Add plants and a diffuser to your office space. These are little touches that are beautiful plus they clean the air, decrease stress and improve productivity


If you’re mainly working from your office, try sitting on an exercise ball for some of your day. This strengthens your core + works different muscles than if you’re sitting in an office chair all day.
If you work from your bed or on the floor  some days (we all do it) don’t sit there all day! Make an effort to get up and change to your desk, an outside chair or even the beach if you have the option.
Lastly, if you find your back constantly hurting, think about investing in a supportive office chair. Yes, they can be expensive but your back will thank you. (+ keep in mind if you’re self-employed, the cost of your office chair can be tax deductible)

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Now it’s up to you, when + how you do so, but breaking up your day is crucial to being efficient (and happy)!
For me, I love to get up early, work with coffee in hand for the morning and then schedule to take a couple hour break in the middle of my day. Once I’ve gotten some vitamin D, watched the waves break as I eat my lunch or have gone to swim in the pool – I can come back to my work refreshed and energized.
This is just what works for me. This may not work for you. Others love to take short breaks every half hour.
The best thing to do, is try out a set schedule for a week at a time and compare which week you’re more efficient. Then, stick to whichever regimen worked best for you moving forward!


Notice how EAT was bolded? Yeaaa, because raise you’re hand if you’re like me…If some days you look down and it’s 2:00pm and you still haven’t eaten? Whoops! (More like Yikes!) This is not healthy + this will drive you insane. Hanger is a real thing! Instead, plan out your meals, make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch + keep healthy snacks handy. Snacks save our household! Rather than reaching for crap (chips, candy, etc) at the store on the way to the beach, or sifting through the pantry for anything to eat because we’re starving–we love to keep quality, non-GMO snacks like Orchard Valley Harvest’s trail mix or dark chocolate almonds on hand. 

(I was so thrilled when I found that they were availabile even here in Hawaii! These convenient snacks are available at retailers nationwide and are ideal for portion controlled snacking!)

Lastly, drink water! After my hospitalization due to dehydration at the first of this year, I take this one seriously. This helps with headaches from screens, makes your skin lovely + you’ll have to pee more often (giving you a reason to get up and move around). I have a 40 oz water bottle and try to drink two (or more) each day – you can always add a drop of lemon oil, tea bags or fruit! 

Orchard Valley Harvest Snacks | How To Stay Sane Even When You Sit & Stare at Screens All Day | Entrepreneurial Advice | Orchard Valley Harvest Snacks | How To Stay Sane Even When You Sit & Stare at Screens All Day | Entrepreneurial Advice |


News flash! Our eyes don’t particularly enjoy staring at screens all day. Give your eyes a break by wearing glasses a couple days a week instead of contacts. Also, possibly give blue cut lenses a try – they claim to act as a shield from the harmful blue light emitted from digital screens that has been related not only to eye strain and dryness, but also to general fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches. I just ordered some this week so I will let you know how they work!


A lot of us (myself included) take a ‘break’ from our days and end up scroll mindlessly through social media, watching the non-stop flow of hilarious cat videos appearing on the internet or browsing online stores. Although this can be seen as a ‘break’ … It’s not for your mind! 

Our bodies, brains + eyes will be a lot happier if we take that time and instead get away from those screens! Pack up a bag and hit the road! Do something productive. Active. Awesome, even.

Try cooking a new recipe, exploring a different place, meeting for coffee (ya know, face to face), shopping with a friend in a physical store, dancing or working out, setting up a creative project, reading a book (not on an electronic device), hiking, going to be beach (and not checking your social channels) or really anything that brings you joy outside of a computer/phone screen.


(This is something I’m working on incorporating) Everyone that I’ve talked to who does this can’t say enough good things! They’re thankful for the relaxation, the benefit to your body, for getting you out of the house. All good things. 

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Has your digital work had affected your health or sanity? What are you doing to stay healthy?

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