Three Things My Mama Taught Me About Business

Three Things My Mama Taught Me About Business | Business Advice From a Mom | Entrepreneurial Advice | Building an Authentic Brand | Advice From A Travel Blogger | Mother Daughter Duo via @elanaloo +

When I sit down to write about what my mother has taught me, about business or about life, it’s so hard to just think of a few examples. My mother is easily the most influential person in my life, playing an immense role in shaping the woman I am. As a single mother to an only daughter, you could say that we have a very special and unique bond.

When I think of a words to describe my mother, they would be:

She lived many lives before I came into this world: once getting her hot air balloon captain’s license and living in over 15 states across the U.S. – these, and the many other stories she has in her lifetime, inspire me endlessly. She’s resilient because despite every hardship or circumstance in her life, she has chosen to create her own path and thrive in doing so. And along that path, she has given more than I knew a person could. Given time, and energy, and charity and refuge. She taught me that giving will never make you poor. It will always come back ten fold.

She’s taught me countless things. More than I could ever measure or fully acknowledge.
A few I wanted to share with you are ones that have carried over into my entrepreneurial journey and into my business, making me a better business woman and a better educator:

1)  Always Exude Integrity

Words you often hear me associate with my business and my work with clients are ‘authentic‘ and ‘intentional.’ These stem from my dedication to integrity. My mother taught me that everything you do should always come from a place of honesty and good character. If your business is rooted in integrity, you are able to be 100% transparent, welcome in customers or clients whole-heartedly and stand behind your work with pride.

2) Know Your Worth

This comes back to the idea of knowing when to say ‘No!’ (or, no thank you!) and of understanding the value of your work. Whether you’re a creative offering a service or have a physical product that you’re selling, YOU have to be the first person to fully believe in what you’re doing! If you see the value and know your worth, others can feel this and are attracted to that.
This is something she taught me about life in general that has totally been relevant in business.
Stand up for yourself + know your worth!

3) Hustle, Hustle, Hustle

The last, but certainly not least, that I’ll share with you is my mama’s work ethic. This woman is a total workaholic. I remember when I was young and she had just gotten the divorce, she was working full time + pursuing a doctoral program to receive her PHD. After that, she was working as a principal while teaching as a professor at three universities and raising me full time! There were many long nights and early mornings. And lots of frustration, I’m sure, but all that hard work paid off. She’s touched the lives of many, inspired all who come in contact and set an amazing example.

While I don’t want to be a workaholic quite like she was, she taught me that if you want something – you gotta HUSTLE to get it.
(And if you read this post, you know that I do consider myself a hustler!)
Make a goal. Set your eye on the prize. Make a list of objectives to get there. And get to work!

Three Things My Mama Taught Me About Business | Business Advice From a Mom | Entrepreneurial Advice | Building an Authentic Brand | Advice From A Travel Blogger | Mother Daughter Duo via @elanaloo +

These are just a few of the things my mama taught me about business. I’m beyond grateful for her and my saying is ‘Everyday is Mother’s Day!‘ So love on your mama this weekend and every weekend. Acknowledge the things she has taught you and the opportunities she has given you. Thank her for those things and let her know what an impact she has had on you.

Cheers to all the mamas out there! 

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  • LOVE ❤️ you’re amazing! New follower 🙌🏽 For life 🤘🏽😍 Miss your beautiful spirit.

  • I absolutely love this post! This was so inspiring to read. Your mom sounds like a very fun and inspiring woman. I am sure she’s very proud of the woman you’ve become. I struggle a lot with #2. I am always scared of telling people no. It’s definitely something I need to work on, but I am always teaching my readers and email subscribers to have hustle and heart. I am also a huge advocate for maintaining integrity. I really need to work on telling people no or no, thank you.

  • Your mom deserves to be praised for her wonderful works. It is indeed true that as long as you have the passion within yourself, everything is possible. She is a great inspiration to all entrepreneur moms.

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